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Pay Your Employees On Their Schedule With Earned Wage Access

DailyPay provides an industry-leading earned wage access platform that gives your employees access to their pay when they want it.

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DailyPay’s EWA Platform boosts employee financial wellness and keeps them more engaged, motivated and happier at work. For employers, this translates to improved retention and increased productivity.

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Trusted by teams at

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Boost Recruitment, Retention and Employee Satisfaction

DailyPay transforms employers into industry leaders by revolutionizing the way employees access their pay...

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It’s Paying Off for Employees

3rd party analysts confirm that on-demand pay makes a profound impact on employee financial well-being.


of DailyPay users stopped using payday loans (81%) or reduced use (15%) after access to DailyPay.


of users credit DailyPay for reducing or eliminating their use of payday loans.


Conservative estimate of amount frequent payday loan users save annually using Dailypay.

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Commitment to Employee Adoption

The DailyPay Solution starts by seamlessly and securely integrating with payroll systems to leave little to no added work for payroll teams. From there, collaborative services work with you on technical implementation, customized launch strategy, employee activation, client onboarding, training, marketing and more.


Simple Implementation


No building or retooling


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Business Leaders Count On DailyPay

“As a result of implementing DailyPay, we now have 58% less turnover in the first two weeks on the job among our agents who are using DailyPay compared to those who are not using DailyPay.”

Rob Schultz

SVP of HR & Compliance for DialAmerica


Business Leaders Count On DailyPay

“We implemented DailyPay and saw a 25% increase in operating hours… we’re starting not only to see it stabilize, but improve.”

Darin Harris

CEO of Jack in the Box


Business Leaders Count On DailyPay

“These efforts have resulted in better seasonal hiring results, which was one of our main goals in rolling out this program. We have also seen an increase in retention rates, with turnover currently at 36% for non-DailyPay users and 22% for DailyPay users.”

Dawn Ehrhart

SVP of Shared Service Operations for the Americas for The Adecco Group


Business Leaders Count On DailyPay

“Statistics show that 52% of our associates who use DailyPay use it for bills, 13% use it for transit and 8% use it for food.”

Jake Bell

CEO of Christian Horizons


Business Leaders Count On DailyPay

“We couldn’t be happier with the team we work with at DailyPay. Their people are their true differentiator against other on-demand pay providers.”

Taylor Leevers

Special Projects Manager for Leevers Supermarkets, Inc.


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Empowering for Employees

Greater financial control with access to up to 100% of their DailyPay balance to meet the challenges of unexpected financial disruptions.

Improved planning with visibility to withdrawals and earned pay in one easy-to-use app.

No need for a pre-existing checking or savings account.

Simple and Secure for Employers

No change to payroll processes — DailyPay compliantly handles it all.

Seamless integration with HCM, payroll, banking and benefit applications.

Enterprise-grade platform that keeps data private and the service running so it's always there when your employees need it.