PNC Launches On-Demand Pay Solution Powered by DailyPay Marketplace

Image shows the PNC Bank logo alongside the DailyPay logo on a dark blue background.

The world is changing before our eyes. And that certainly relates to how money moves today. 

Consumers no longer see a need to wait for payday to receive their earned pay. They want access to their wages as they earn them and are now looking to their employers for the high-impact benefit of on-demand pay. 

Leveraging DailyPay Marketplace, PNC will be offering PNC EarnedIt: an on-demand pay solution geared towards PNC’s corporate clients that will leverage companies’ existing payroll and time management systems to convert their employees’ time into net earnings. Through the PNC EarnedIt mobile application, employees can then access their available balance 24/7, 365 days a year and choose the speed at which they’d like to receive a portion of their earned pay.   

“We are incredibly excited to deepen our relationship with PNC, an institution that has a strong customer-centric and forward-thinking legacy,” said Jason Lee, CEO and Founder, DailyPay. “The DailyPay Marketplace provides banks, fintechs and merchants, among others, with the opportunity to participate in the on-demand pay movement, providing a highly sought-after benefit to their clients. The impact of our technology on both businesses and workers has been extraordinary and drives a trickle-up economy, at a time when we need it most.”

The DailyPay Marketplace enables companies to join forces with DailyPay in a way that works best for them through integration and referral partnerships, white label solutions and embedded solutions. As on-demand pay becomes an increasingly popular benefit, offering DailyPay to employees is becoming imperative in such a competitive labor market. Since the DailyPay Marketplace offers a variety of solutions, it enables seamless, customizable processes for institutions to offer DailyPay to their partners and end users.

We’re confident that solutions like PNC EarnedIt will have the power to move consumers forward financially, offering unparalleled flexibility and access to their pay as they need it.

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