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A diagram explaining the importance of financial wellness for employees, showing that it's an employer's responsibility, it can be supported in various ways, and that financially well employees are more motivated—making it a key employee retention strategy.

Reduce Turnover With an Employee Retention Strategy

Reduce Turnover With an Employee Retention Strategy In this Article What is an Employee Retention Strategy? Employee Retention by Industry On-Demand Pay Improves Employee Retention Strategy The Negative Impact of Low Employee Retention Common Methods to Improve an Employee Retention

Best Employee Engagement Strategies, Tools and Platforms

Employee Engagement Ideas and Strategies for 2024 In this Article Employee Engagement Levels Benefits of High Employee Engagement What is an Employee Engagement Strategy? Best Employee Engagement Strategies and Ideas to Use in 2024 Remove Financial Barriers and Improve Employee

Infographic titled "3 Ways To Reduce Employee Turnover" features arrows connecting three points: "Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits," "Empower Employee Financial Wellness," and "Deliver Meaningful Rewards and Recognition.

How to Reduce the Employee Turnover Rate at Your Company

How to Reduce the Employee Turnover Rate at Your Company In this Article What is Employee Turnover? What are the Types of Employee Turnover? What is an Employee Turnover Rate? How to Calculate Your Employee Turnover Rate Causes of a

Illustration depicting various scenes: people climbing stairs, speech bubbles, a heart and smiley, hands holding flowers, and two people being held in large hands, symbolizing support and positivity.

5 Ways to Improve Your Employee Retention Strategy

It’s one of the many questions plaguing HR leaders: what’s the best way to retain my employees? And we all know the answer is simple, the solution is slightly harder to figure out.  The happier your employees are, the longer

Four people sit around a table sharing laughs while looking at photographs and papers.

The Two Levels of Employee Engagement and How They Impact Your Bottom Line

The importance of an employee engagement strategy can’t be overstated. High employee engagement historically has lead to positive outcomes, including improved profitability, productivity, customer service, retention, safety and overall well-being.1  In short, employee engagement directly affects a company’s bottom line.

Illustration of an infinity loop with two speech bubbles and two stylized female faces on opposite sides, each connected to a speech bubble. Two stars lie near each face against a blue striped background, symbolizing the constant communication essential for improving employee retention rates.

What Is the Average Employee Retention Rate by Industry? (2024 Update)

Employee turnover or attrition can be expensive for companies. In many industries, the cost of losing quality talent is rising, thanks to increasingly competitive labor markets.   “Retention rate” and “turnover rate” are both metrics organizations use to measure aspects of

A graphic showing the title "Low Employee Retention" with an image of a red and blue horseshoe magnet.

Improve Employee Retention in The Hospitality Industry

More in this Series How to Meet Changing Hotel Guest Expectations Supporting Hotel Employees Through Supply Chain Issues Driving Success Despite Challenges in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry What Will Get Hotel and Hospitality Employees to Return to Work? Hospitality

Illustration of a nurse holding a book, standing next to a large clock with arrows indicating the passage of time.

Healthcare Turnover Rates [2024 Update]

In the past five years, the average hospital turned over 106.6% of its workforce.1 The global workforce has been reshaped over the past few years, including the healthcare industry. According to the 2024 NSI National Healthcare Retention & RN

A graphic with the text "Manufacturing: Retain Top Talent by Boosting Employee Benefits" above an illustration of two pink hands holding a red heart.

Improve Manufacturing Employee Retention by Supporting Workers

More in this Series Empower Manufacturing Employees Through Digital Transformation Improve Employee Relationships and Repair Trust in Manufacturing Attract New Talent in Manufacturing by Doubling Down on the Employee Experience The Future of Manufacturing Starts With Your Employees Today To

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