Do Work You Are Proud of

—As Your Authentic Self

We believe in showing up authentically to our jobs every morning. That helps each of us speak more openly, share a wider range of ideas and respect differing perspectives to foster better teamwork.

DailyPay and Diversity

At DailyPay, we’re dedicated to building beyond buzzwords. DailyPay is dedicated to supporting our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to create a culture of belonging for everyone. The change we work to create for our employees is deeply connected to our mission to support financial equity and inclusion for our end users through our product.

Employee Resource Groups

Our ERGs support our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and our commitment to employee enrichment. These advocacy organizations strengthen the DailyPay community by encouraging mentorship, dialogue and service.

DailyPride's mission is to promote a work environment that values and promotes openness, tolerance and understanding at DailyPay. We strive to strengthen and broaden relationships among LGBTQ+ team members, their allies and the organization at large through sustained, healthy and supportive dialogue.

DailyNoire raises awareness to the issues African American/Black employees face via diversity initiatives, networking, cultural events and social gatherings.

DailyWomen works to support intersectional feminism across the organization through collaborative events, networking and activism.

DailyValor’s purpose is to honor the service and sacrifice of the brave individuals who have worn, or continue to wear, a uniform in service to our country and recognize the extensive experience and background these professionals bring to our organization. We support and celebrate our proud community by promoting a culture of honor and selfless service, networking, veteran recruitment, career development, professional growth, and retention.

DailyAAPI's mission is to empower individuals who identify as being a part of the Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and their allies by promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging.

DailyVida's mission is to cultivate and inspire a network of Hispanic/Latino employees and allies as part of a greater effort to promote the cultural diversity and professional development of its members.

What Our Employees Are Saying

“I felt accepted and welcomed into the DailyPay community the minute I walked in the door. I never even felt the need to explicitly come out because I was welcomed by an already diverse community in all respects. Having the opportunity to collaborate with such a diverse group of people, all with their own viewpoints and experiences, has enabled me, and all of us, to perform better and maximize our learning.”

Jason Steckler

Manager, Revenue Operations & Strategy

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