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Real-Time Digital Tips Access

DailyPay Tips provides your employees with real-time digital tip access, helping you simplify operations, reduce risk and empower your employees. It integrates seamlessly with DailyPay's scalable on-demand pay platform, making digital tip access scalable and manageable.

Instant, Every Day Tips Access Without Payroll Disruptions

Access to tips is pre-funded by DailyPay and then settled through your normal payroll process.

Run payroll as you always have; there’s no requirement to set aside payroll funds because DailyPay handles all employee early pay requests.

Additionally, this funding model does not result in modifications to the employee’s pay stub.

Digitize Tip Access

DailyPay Tips helps organizations eliminate the administrative costs of actively managing cash on hand, manual reconciliations and reporting. Digital tips are also safer for your employees since there's no need for them to carry cash after a shift.

Provide More Options for Employees

Unlike other vendors, DailyPay Tips allows employees to decide when and where to send money. They can transfer earnings from tips and shifts in 1-3 business days to any bank account, instantly for a small ATM-like fee or instantly for no fee with Friday by DailyPay™.1 If employees do not need their pay early, they will receive all net pay, including tips. on their regular payday for no fee.

1 On-demand pay requires employer participation in DailyPay. On-demand pay fees will be waived for any DailyPay transfers made to a Friday Card set up with direct deposit.

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DailyPay Tips

Introducing real-time digital tips access powered by DailyPay.


Powered by DailyPay’s enterprise-grade earned wage access platform that disburses billions in payments.


Employees can receive access to tips at any bank account, instantly for an ATM-like fee or instantly for no fee with Friday. 2


No need to keep cash on hand because access to tips is pre-funded by DailyPay.


Manage earned wage access for regular hourly earnings and tips in a single platform.

2 On-demand pay requires employer participation in DailyPay. On-demand pay fees will be waived for any DailyPay transfers made to a Friday Card set up with direct deposit.

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View and access your tips each day.

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Access your tips with any debit card or bank account.

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See your total earnings from both shifts and tips in one place.

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Keep your tips digitally accessible.

What Can You Do With DailyPay Tips?

DailyPay Tips provides real-time digital tips access that helps your business simplify operations, reduce risk, save money and empower employees through instant access to their tips.


For Employers

Administer your earned wage access program in one place with employees’ tips and shift status in a single view.


For Employees

Employees can get a comprehensive view of earnings and tips with more control than ever. A single-pane view lets employees see their shift and tip status and how much money is available now.

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  • How does DailyPay Tips work?

    Employees can view and access their tips in real time within the DailyPay app and transfer their available balance to the destination of their choice.

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  • How does DailyPay Tips help businesses?
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Empowering for Employees

Greater financial control with access up to 100% of their DailyPay balance to meet the challenges of unexpected financial disruptions.

Improved planning with visibility to spending and earned pay in one easy-to-use app.

No need for a pre-existing checking or savings account.

Simple and Secure for Employers

Minimal change to payroll processes — DailyPay handles it all.

Seamless integration with HCM, payroll, banking and benefit applications.

Enterprise-grade platform that keeps data private and the service running so it's always there when your employees need it.

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