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Referral Partnerships

Referral agreements are designed so that you can enable your clients to offer on-demand pay with minimal work on your side.

White Label Solution

A turnkey solution with no technical build and a fast go-to-market, our white label solution enables you to offer gold-standard on-demand pay technology with your own branding.

Embedded Solution

To build a specific user experience for your on-demand pay app or platform, you can build directly into DailyPay’s APIs, adding on-demand capabilities to the services you already provide.

Data Exchange Partnerships

These partnerships use a file feed from the payroll and time system be able to calculate the employee’s available balance. Join the 200+ integrations we currently have in place by becoming an integration partner.

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Human Capital Management & Payroll


Deliver Stronger Offerings to Your Clients

Our white label solution and embedded API integrations are a great opportunity for HCM providers to create an on-demand pay app in their own branding. See why HCM providers like Viventium are partnering with DailyPay to deliver on-demand pay.

Workforce Management


Embedded API Integrations for Workforce Management

When your workforce management app is already well-used by employees, an embedded API integration enables you to build on-demand pay into your current app experience and more. This way, you can exercise more control over the user experience.

Banks & Financial INstitutions


Solutions for the Future of Digital Finance

Now more than ever, banking solutions are in constant competition for the latest and greatest technology. Learn how financial institutions use DailyPay technology to leverage existing payroll and time management systems to deliver earned wages to employees, before pay day.


DailyPay and ADP: Providing Simple, Easy Implementation

“​​Implementing DailyPay was simple and easy. All we had to do was go into our ADP Marketplace account and turn on DailyPay’s connector listing, and from there everything was taken care of for us. However, that was simple because DailyPay already had an existing partnership with ADP. After that, we have had no extra work to make this partnership work.”

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DailyPay and PNC: Partners in the Digital Banking Sphere

“Leveraging DailyPay Marketplace, PNC will be offering PNC EarnedIt: an on-demand pay solution geared towards PNC’s corporate clients that will leverage companies’ existing payroll and time management systems to convert their employees’ time into net earnings. Through the PNC EarnedIt mobile application, employees can then access their available balance 24/7, 365 days a year...”

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DailyPay and BMO: Improving Financial Equity and Inclusion

DailyPay has partnered with BMO to enhance financial equity and inclusion for millions of workers across the nation. Through this partnership, BMO Commercial Bank’s clients can provide their workforce with access to their earned wages in real-time, independent of a scheduled payday. This employer-sponsored benefit allows workers to meet financial obligations promptly and allows employers to increase the financial wellness of their workforce at no cost and with minimal to no changes to payroll.


Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, supporting Public Sector organizations across Federal, State and Local Government and Education and Healthcare. As the Master Government Aggregator® for DailyPay, Carahsoft partners with us to provide earned wage access to our public sector clients.

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