BrightSpring Health Services Reduced Turnover and Increased Applications for Open Roles in Healthcare By Offering On-Demand Pay

The image features the logos of DailyPay and BrightSpring Health Services on a dark blue background. "dailypay" is written in bold, orange lowercase letters, while "BrightSpring Health Services" is in white, with a stylized orange caret and small orange design element at the end.

Download their case study to find out how DailyPay:

  • Helped to increase the number of applications for open positions by as much as 34%
  • Streamlined the payroll process, by significantly reducing the number of employees receiving paper checks, with an on-demand solution that “basically runs itself after implementation”
  • Provided a better employee experience that reduced turnover and empowered employees with a benefit that helps them support their families and pay bills on time.

Partner Snapshot

Partner: BrightSpring Health Services
US Headquarters: Louisville, Kentucky
Industry: Healthcare
Number of Employees: 56,000
Payroll Platform: ADP EV5
Time & Attendance Platform: Kronos

BrightSpring Health Services, with 56,000 employees at thousands of locations throughout 49 U.S. states, was looking for affordable ways to improve the employee experience for their workforce, so the company turned to DailyPay. 

Learn more about why Cindy Eisenmenger, vice president of cash disbursements at BrightSpring Health Services, said that “It is professionally empowering and personally heartwarming to be a part of the DailyPay revolution.”

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