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Bonus Pay the Employee Way

Recognize employees in the moments that matter most with real-time digital payments. Reward leverages the power of on-demand pay to further improve retention, increase employee engagement and motivate winning business behavior – like picking up extra shifts or completing training and more.

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Maximize Productivity and Strengthen Employee Relationships

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ADT Used Reward to Support an Employee Vaccination Program

A woman holding two empty plates stands in front of a bar stocked with bottles and hanging lights, ready to celebrate a spot bonus for employees.
Woman with long red hair standing and smiling in front of a whiteboard, her reflection visible. She is wearing a black sleeveless top and holding her hands together, perhaps addressing employees about upcoming spot bonuses.
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What Can You Do With Reward?

A laptop screen displays a webpage for managing reward campaigns with various options like 'Create Campaign' and 'Send Single Reward.' Pop-ups show a successful spot bonus creation message, making it easy to recognize employees for their efforts.

Reward by DailyPay vs. Traditional Off-Cycle

Comparison table showing features of Reward by DailyPay, Manual Payroll, and Gift Cards, with checks and crosses indicating availability of features like instant payments, spendable cash, scalability, and spot bonus options for employees.

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