Offering On-Demand Pay Helped Adecco Improve Retention in the Staffing Industry

The image shows the logo for dailypay and Adecco. The word "dailypay" is in orange lowercase letters, while "Adecco" is in white with an uppercase "A" and lowercase letters for the rest, followed by an orange period. The background is a dark navy blue color.

Download Adecco’s case study to find out how DailyPay:

  • Increased their retention, with turnover currently at 36% for non-DailyPay users and 22% for DailyPay users
  • Reduced the workload for their payroll team, since employees who use DailyPay and have full visibility into their Pay Balance are less likely to miss punches and ask questions about their paychecks
  • Reduced absenteeism, because employees are eager to come to work and use this benefit

Partner Snapshot

Partner: The Adecco Group
US Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida
Industry: Staffing & Recruiting
Number of Employees: up to 80,000, dependent on the time of year
Payroll Platform: PeopleSoft
Time & Attendance Platform: PeopleNet

The Adecco Group, with approximately 80,000 employees in 600 U.S. locations, was looking for a trustworthy on-demand pay solution that would be easy to implement for their large-scale operations when they found DailyPay.

Learn why Dawn Ehrhart, SVP, Shared Services and Corporate Operations said, “We made that decision [to go with DailyPay] because they were the most transparent, trustworthy and compliant solution, which eased our minds about any potential risk involved with adding this benefit.”

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