A Guide to Employee Financial Wellness

Employers can offer financial wellness benefits that encourage employees to keep track of earnings and expenses, pay bills on time, save easily, budget for the future, gain financial knowledge and more.

Companies that increase their focus on employee wellness can improve engagement, employee retention and productivity across your workforce.

Why Employee Financial Wellness Matters

Employee financial wellness holds distinct significance for both employers and employees.

For employers —

It means fostering a more productive, engaged and loyal workforce.

Financially secure employees are better equipped to focus on their tasks, leading to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. It also enhances retention rates, reducing recruitment and training costs.

For employees —

Financial wellness translates to reduced stress, improved job satisfaction and a sense of security. It provides the means to achieve personal goals, whether that's homeownership, education or retirement planning.

In essence, it creates a healthier work environment, where both the employer and employee benefit from increased financial stability and peace of mind.

Employee financial wellness is an employee’s ability to effectively manage their finances. The best way to make good financial decisions is to be prepared for emergencies, spend within means, plan for the future and utilize available financial tools and information.

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  • What is employee financial wellness?

    Employee financial wellness is a state of being in which an employee has control over their day-to-day finances and can fully meet their financial obligations while feeling secure in their financial future and making choices that allow them to enjoy life.

  • What are signs of financially stressed employees?
  • How do I improve employee financial wellness?
  • What are some examples of employee financial wellness benefits?

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