Staffmark Group Joins Staffing Industry Leaders in Offering On-Demand Pay

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Partner: Staffmark Group
US Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio
Industry: Staffing
Number of Employees: 45,000
Payroll Provider: PeopleSoft
Paycard Provider: Netspend
Timekeeping System: PeopleSoft/PeopleNet

Emily Giltner, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Operations at Staffmark Group, is responsible for overseeing and managing large-scale operations within the company. She recently set out to find an on-demand pay solution to help her team and their staff of temporary employees achieve better financial wellness. Staffmark Group was founded over 50 years ago and now has approximately 400 branches and On-Site operations across the United States and Canada. Here’s what Emily had to say about why she chose DailyPay for her employees:

Glowing reviews from a trusted industry colleague

I first heard about on-demand pay at an advisory board meeting. I thought it was an awesome idea and took it back to my executive team to discuss it. They were interested, so I began to dig into things more deeply. When researching on-demand pay providers, I was mainly evaluating DailyPay and one other provider. DailyPay had an existing partnership and seamless integration with Netspend, our pay card provider, which was a big plus. However, one of the biggest deciding factors for choosing DailyPay was the positive review from my colleagues. I knew this was an on-demand payroll provider we could trust.

On-demand pay: convincing the C-suite

Our CFO initially was concerned that offering on-demand pay would make our employees financially irresponsible. By working with DailyPay’s team, I was able to help her quickly realize that DailyPay had the opposite effect on users. Because of the budgeting tools and financial wellness tips within the app, our employees could easily utilize this technology to prioritize saving and become more financially literate and prepared. Once we were armed with all this knowledge and information, the fact that DailyPay was the right fit for our company and employees became very clear.

Easy, seamless implementation

We implemented DailyPay through a phased launch, and our employees have been loving it so far. The benefits far outweigh the work that’s involved with implementation. It’s an added benefit to offer to our talent and our staff. While it took some work to get the initial feeds up, it now essentially runs on its own. It really is seamless.

Moving employees off paper checks and other positive results

Not only has offering this benefit made us more competitive in the staffing industry, it has also helped us to continue to automate manual processes. Because employees need to be on an automated timekeeping system to use the DailyPay benefit, it’s another tool for us to encourage them to sign up for direct deposit. The more employees who receive their pay that way, the more time and money we save. We’re working hard to drive employee enrollment, because it is so mutually beneficial to us and our employees.

One of the major benefits we see from offering DailyPay has been an increase in employee retention. Employees want to stick around to continue to have access to this valuable benefit that helps them meet their needs between paychecks. We also currently advertise DailyPay in our hiring outreach, and we have seen a measurable increase in the number of applications we receive for open roles. Because we are a staffing agency, our employees may work onsite for several different companies, or move from one to the next, and they are curious to know at which placements they can use DailyPay, which has signaled to us how important it is to them. All in all, DailyPay has been a great asset to our company, and I’m excited to continue to roll this program out to all our employees.

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