DailyPay: A Bilingual Benefit for Torchy’s Tacos’ Staff

Cover page of a document titled "Case Study," detailing how DailyPay benefits the bilingual staff at Torchy's Tacos.

Partner: Torchy’s Tacos

US Headquarters: Austin, Texas

Industry: Restaurant and QSR

Number of Employees: 6,000

Payroll Platform: UltiPro

Time & Attendance Platform: UltiPro

Ramón Torres, Director of Total Rewards and Talent Management for Torchy’s Tacos, is responsible for overseeing the team member lifecycle, rewards, and overall experience of around 6,000 employees. He had worked in Total Rewards at another company that offered on-demand pay, so he knew how the benefit could help a business stand out from the competition. Plus, he was especially interested in finding a good fit for the company’s predominantly Spanish-speaking staff.

Here is an inside look into Ramón’s experience:

 What made you choose DailyPay?

“Having something that was fully bilingual was very important to us.

Over 50% of our workforce is Spanish-speaking, so being able to meet their needs was a big factor. Plus, the user interface was very simple and easy to use. Workers had an easy time learning the ins and outs of the platform from the first time they used it.”

What convinced most of your employees to try DailyPay?

“We tested our pilot phase with some of our more vocal managers.

These managers wouldn’t shy away from telling us any concerns and fears about DailyPay and their platform as a whole. Our managers in the field were surprised at how quickly people were able to pick it up and how easy it was to use. After speaking to our pilot partners, we rolled it out across the company, which went very smoothly.”

What impact has DailyPay had on your employees?

“People are asking about it during interviews and on day one of working.

It is really interesting to see it making a difference in people’s lives. We had someone pay for a ride home with DailyPay during his first week of work, and I’m sure there are many more stories just like that.”

Our stats speak for themselves

Over half of Torchy’s Tacos employees are enrolled in DailyPay 

According to DailyPay’s data, 67% of transfers are less than $100

Top 3 Reasons for Transfers (noted by Torchy’s Tacos employees in the DailyPay app):

  1. Food (22%)
  2. Transit (19%)
  3. Bills (17%)

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