SEJ Services Modernizes its Pay Strategies with DailyPay

Cover page of a document titled "Case Study: SEJ Services Modernizes its Pay Strategies with DailyPay," featuring logos of DailyPay and SEJ Services.

Partner: SEJ Services

US Headquarters: Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Industry: Cleaning services

Number of Employees: 400+

Payroll Platform: TEAM Software

Paycards: rapid!

Time & Attendance Platform: TEAM Software

Katie Johnston is the Chief Financial Officer for SEJ Services, a commercial cleaning company responsible for cleaning offices, medical centers, industrial sites, and more in the southeastern United States. They have 400+ employees along with numerous sub-contractors in six different states. She sat down with DailyPay to discuss her experience and what brought the benefit to SEJ Services.

Here is an inside look into Katie’s experience:

What made SEJ Services look into DailyPay?

“We needed an on-demand pay benefit because people were leaving to work at places that offered DailyPay.

We needed an employee benefit that would improve our retention and one of our owners told us he’d seen DailyPay’s ads in large big-box retailers and national fast-food restaurants. We’re constantly trying to ensure we have the best technology, offer our employees the best things in the industry, and are never left behind. DailyPay would help ensure we have the most modern payment solutions.”

How was the implementation process?

“DailyPay was the fastest implementation to any benefit we have ever done.

Everyone in our organization responded very well to the platform and enjoyed its ease and simplicity. When you really look into it, DailyPay takes the burden off the employer and gives employees the access they deserve for hours they’ve already worked.

What do you think of the additional features of the DailyPay solution?

“DailyPay is so much more than just on-demand pay.

We offer local management budgets for spot rewards using DailyPay’s Reward solution. Plus, we also offer Cycle to correct any payroll errors and save money in off-cycle payments.”

How has DailyPay affected your employee performance?

“After we implemented DailyPay, employees who would usually call out or no-show were significantly reduced. 

Before DailyPay, there were times when managers were using their own money to help employees fill up their gas tanks to get to work. Now employees have the power and means to solve that problem themselves.”


  • 80%+ enrollment
  • 81%+ new hire enrollment
  • 61% reduction in turnover
  • 78.9% increase in average tenure

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