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Support employee financial wellness Accelerate recruiting. Increase retention.

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of users say DailyPay has helped them reduce financial stress. 1


of users say they are more motivated to remain with their current employer because they offer DailyPay. 2


increase in tenure of employees who used DailyPay over non-DailyPay users. 3

1, 2 DailyPay User Survey, November 2022; 3 EWA Report, Mercator Advisory Group commissioned by DailyPay, March 2021

Elevate Employee Financial Wellness

Choice and control of earned pay improves financial well-being, which results in improved employee engagement, motivation and tenure.

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Instantly see earnings for shifts, tips and paychecks.


Access earned pay when needed.


Two ways to save to easily make it a habit.

Transparent Pricing for Your Employees

With DailyPay, employees get multiple ways to access their earned pay, multiple ways to save and multiple ways to learn.

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Track earnings in real-time
Transfer earnings on the next business day
$0 1
Transfer earnings instantly
or less
(flat fee)1
Save automatically or manually from each paycheck

1 Fees vary by employer

Frequently asked questions

Provide the Benefit of Financial Wellness in Minutes

Set Up in Minutes

No change to your payroll

There’s no change to processes or extra work for your payroll teams.

Seamless integration

It’s already done — merely sign up to provide employees with enhanced financial wellness.

DailyPay funds all transfers

This means there will be no impact to your cashflow.

DailyPay was the fastest implementation to any benefit we have ever done.

Katie Johnson

CFO  |  SEJ Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do employers pay any fee when employees make an early transfer?

    No. Employees pay an ATM-like fee when they choose to instantly transfer their earned pay.

  • Why do instant transfers cost a fee?

    Instant transfers require the use of real-time payment (RTP) processors, and they charge a fee to use their services. Instead of next-business-day transfers, which are processed in batches only on business days, these RTP transfers are processed alone on a case-by-case basis – instantly – and are processed 24/7. Similar to rush shipping, your employees are paying for a premium service that separates their request from the batch and expedites it.

  • How is the instant transfer fee determined?

    Instant transfers always cost a flat fee instead of a percentage like some other services. No matter the amount of the transfer, your employees always pay the same flat fee per instant transfer.