Mary T Demonstrates Support for Their Caregivers With an On-Demand Pay Benefit

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Partner: Mary T Inc.

  • US Headquarters: Coon Rapids, Minnesota
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Number of Employees: 850+
  • Payroll Platform: ADP Workforce Now®
  • Time & Attendance Platform: ADP Workforce Now Enhanced Time®
  • Pay Card: Wisely® Pay

Jason Tjosvold, Chief Administrative Officer at Mary T Inc., supervises all shared services functions, including Human Resources, IT, maintenance, marketing and training. Trent Zajac is the HR Manager for Mary T Inc., and he oversees a team of HR specialists to ensure that HR initiatives are on track and aligned with business initiatives. Mary T Inc. is a family-owned business that was founded in 1976 and now operates in over 50 locations. The company provides a number of post-acute healthcare services, including residential group homes, skilled nursing, senior living, home health and hospice care. Mary T Inc. also offers rental housing options in several communities in Minnesota, Arizona and Wisconsin that provide a comfortable and safe living environment for tenants.

We recently spoke with Trent and Jason to learn more about how they came to partner with DailyPay and their experience since launching with us in May 2021.

Helping our employees with a cutting-edge solution

It’s a very competitive market right now and we wanted to do everything we could to stand out. DailyPay was an option that came to us through a competitor. When we first heard about on-demand pay, we all laughed because we thought it was going to be a cumbersome implementation. How would we possibly manage to pay hundreds of employees daily? With many other initiatives going on, it didn’t seem realistic.

On the other hand, we’re always looking out for the well-being of our clients, so it’s also equally important for us to look out for the well-being of our employees. Financial obligations don’t necessarily align with our biweekly pay periods and, obviously, emergencies don’t either.

Assessing the competition and deciding on DailyPay

We looked at two other providers along with DailyPay. In one of them, we were concerned with how their deductions were set up in terms of compliance and how they would show up on employees’ pay stubs. DailyPay just seemed to be simple and straightforward. Employees simply download the app to access their earned pay.

Our employees haven’t noticed any changes in how they are being paid. They just know that now they can access their pay earlier.

Promoting employee financial well-being

We looked at DailyPay as a way to promote financial well-being. We had other initiatives in place, but we were concerned because they weren’t necessarily effective. We try to provide our employees with flexibility and options when it comes to benefits, and we certainly view on-demand pay as an important benefit.

Originally, we had some loan programs for employees, but they were cumbersome and difficult to manage. When we looked at DailyPay, we realized that it would be an easy solution for the operational and administrative challenges we faced in our current programs.

A first-day benefit that meets the need for immediate pay access

We operate seven days a week in healthcare. If someone starts working on a Sunday, it could be 20 days before they get their first paycheck. We wanted to see if there was anything we could do to provide immediacy at a time when people have come to expect immediacy in other parts of daily life. Waiting 20 days to get paid is a bit challenging for our staff, so DailyPay is really a win-win for everyone.

Stats that show results

We’ve reached 45% enrollment in DailyPay and 13% utilization. Our previous programs that DailyPay replaced were utilized by only 1% of our population — so that’s more than 10x the utilization of any previous program in only six months. In the general employee population, the implementation of DailyPay, along with other benefit enhancements, has resulted in a 27% reduction in turnover year to date.

We also advertise that we offer the benefit in our job postings. DailyPay has been a great partner providing us with posters and flyers to advertise the benefit to our employees. We really do shout from the mountain tops that we have this benefit. We try to be cutting edge as much as we can, and DailyPay is definitely cutting edge. It’s where the future is going in terms of pay and we’re proud to offer that. “Work today, get paid today” really resonates with people.

In terms of extra work for our payroll department? There has been none whatsoever.

We’re always afraid when we do something like this that impacts employee pay that something could go wrong and it will lead to a cascade of complaints. Considering how many people have used the benefit and the positive feedback we have received, we are pleasantly surprised.

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